Saturday, January 17, 2015

Oh, Hello There

Psst.  Hello.  Is anyone there?  It has been ages.  It's not that I haven't had any tales to tell or things to write about.  Actually, the absolute opposite.  I probably have more to write about than ever before, but just no urge to write.  I think that it's because my head is so full, it can't decide which direction to take and leaves me speechless instead...err, wordless.  Or perhaps it's that my words could really do no justice to my thoughts and experiences.  There was also at least three months of learning how to talk, walk, drive and grocery shop again.  I would compare the first three months living in Germany to the first three months of having a newborn...exciting, yet all of a sudden you have no idea how to live life as you knew it before.

There was a point that I thought I would shut down Plumberry Pie.  An official, "it's over" post.  But first off, I really don't have a huge readership, so it seemed silly.  And secondly, I know how I am and that I just might get the urge to put thoughts to paper (or keyboard) again.  So then I thought, why not just write a journal for myself, why the need to write out here?  Then I remembered what it was.

Community.  That's what brought me here in the first place.  I used to tell my husband that the blog world was my ESPN.  My little haven.  A place where everyone was as excited as I was about a paper straw or home makeovers or a party idea and all the little things that made me giddy.  HGTV was once that place, then I found a 24/7 fix for my addiction to all things home, but with the human voice and COMMUNITY.

I think the thing I cherish most about living in Germany right now is the community.  I didn't realize that I needed it so much until I had it.  I say this not to discredit my community back home, but maybe I wasn't embracing it like I should.  Back home I was in my comfort zone.  There was no need to extend myself.  I could go into hermit mode and be complacent with that.  Here, community is what makes this journey beyond my expectations and has awoken parts of me I forgot existed.  My hopes are that I remember this when I move back and embrace our community more, reach out more, do more.  It's the spice of life to be interwoven together, to learn, live and celebrate with each other.

After college, I've always said that we'd never have a time in our lives like that again.  It wasn't just our age and the lack of responsibility that gave us that wonderful time in our life.  I now see it was the sense of community that gave us that special time.

This post could go off on several different tangents, so I'll just stop here.  I hope all is well with you!
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