Monday, August 5, 2013

Travel Tip: The “Hotel” Bag

My sister-in-law and her family just drove 4,000 miles cross country, through 14 states for a week in the Smokies and one with us in Michigan.  Aren’t you tired just thinking about it?  But this gal is organized, which is half the battle, especially on a trip with little ones.

If you’ve traveled with family and have to make a one night hotel stop on the way to your destination, you know what a pain it is to lug each person’s suitcase into the hotel.   Being the organized guru that she is, my sister-in-law has a “hotel” bag.  This bag contains what they need for one night in the hotel for each person.  In her case, that’s one bag for four people. 

Plumberry Pie Travel Tip The Hotel Bag

It includes just the basics:

  • PJs
  • toiletries
  • change of clothes
  • bathing suits, if there’s time to take a dip
  • maybe a book

Genius, right!  Much better than lugging four suitcases out for a one night stay, don’t ya think? 

What do you do to make traveling easier for your family?

Check out my past posts for more travel tips.  I’m thinking the burrito technique would work well for the hotel bag and there would definitely be room for some shower curtain hooks too!

Have a good one! Be back soon…


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  1. Brilliant! I try to do that as well but we still end up taking in more for one night than we should.


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