Friday, October 4, 2013

The Big Cover Up: Hidden Game + Toy Storage

What an exciting day yesterday!  So many new visitors and encouraging comments supporting me on this One Room Challenge.  Thank you and welcome to everyone!  And as fun as it was to have new visitors, it freaked me out a bit.  I started this blog so that I would hold myself accountable to finish what I started and let me tell you, the level of accountability just got real.  Yikes, I really need to step it up and make this thing happen.  No slacking.

Speaking of unfinished projects…how about that playroom?  There are still several finishing details to tackle in there, but I’m happy to say it’s back to a functioning space.  My father-in-law and I loaded the furniture back into the room on Wednesday.  It’s such a relief not to have everything scattered throughout the house anymore.  Our two Billy bookcases from Ikea are crucial pieces for game and toy storage, but having it all hang out there was bugging me. 

My first thought was to use baskets to hide the ugly, but many of the game boxes wouldn’t fit.  So I went with one of my new favorite accessories, shower curtains.  The bang for your buck on the fabric can’t be beat, especially when you score them at Home Goods for $15 each.

hidden toy storage - plumberry pie

hidden toy storage using shower curtain and tension rod - plumberry pie

I just folded them in half and used the same rope from the kitchen bamboo blind fix to hang them on a tension rod. 

rope and shower curtain as hidden toy storage - plumberry pie

So much better than this, don’t you think?

open storage

The tension rod is actually a short term solution.  I need to make it a more permanent fixture because the kids have already pulled them down when searching for stuff.  But for now, it works!

And because I can’t resist, here’s a sneak peek into the room from a different angle.  More updates to come.

peek in playroom oct 2013 plumberry pie

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone! 

- Kim


  1. What a smart idea!! Those are really cute shower curtains and I love the rope!

  2. I've never thought about doing something like this! Great idea!

  3. Love this! It even matches your blog colors!

  4. I love it! What a great idea to make it look good but hide the kids stuff.

  5. Great idea! Can't wait to do it!

  6. I love this! What did you end up using for your "more permanent fixture"?


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