Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father’s Day Gift: A Snack Tray

For Father’s Day, we made my hubby a little snack tray for his office.   This guy is in non-stop meetings leaving him little time to grab a bite to eat.  Since these snacks may be his lunch, I made sure to include protein packed snacks like trail mix and nuts.


We included a reusable to go cup so he can easily refill his water.  If he wants a little flavor, he can grab one of the single size servings of one of his favorites - lemonade, Arnold Palmer and cran-grape.


And to give him a little smile, we added cute little faces to the caps of the bottles of beverage packets.  You can’t help but smile looking at those little cuties.


We hope this little tray sends our love and a little bit of home to the office for our favorite guy!

IMG_3209 IMG_3207


Happy Father’s Day!

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  1. Cute idea, Kim! Hope he had a great Father's Day!

    PS - I'm hosting a giveaway this week!:


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