Monday, July 23, 2012

Obsessions: Trays and Other Stuff

Okay, so if you’ve been following for a little while, you know I’m a sucker for presentation.   And I’ve found that it’s simple, little things that make all the difference aaannnd, doesn’t make anymore work for you.  I’m not talking about creating bunting or pom poms and decorating to the nines.  Just a couple little things to add a little uumph.

My latest obsession:  trays.

Love ‘em!

It’s like going from sweats to a little black dress.

IMG_3547   IMG_3551

So much better, right?

IMG_3549   IMG_3550


Throw wine bottles and wine glasses on a tray and you have yourself a mini bar.


And how about those tiered stands?  Another obsession of mine.  Takes up less space and makes everything look good.  See that fruit up there…lookin good!

It’s the little black dress of serve wear.

I’m just sayin.


Oh, and I can’t leave out my love for drink dispensers.


Sometimes I feel like that SNL public radio skit when I talk about this stuff, but yes, this stuff gets me giddy.  I know my bloggy friends out there appreciate this!  Right?

Anywaaaaays…just wanted to share some little things that go a long way for presentation.  Sometimes is those little details that do the trick.

What’s one of your favorite little details that gets you giddy?


  1. Great (and simple) advice! I love how you show the photo with the tray and without... big impact! I love trays too... now I'm inspired to use them in slightly new ways!

    The one thing I have to watch for with tiered trays is that some of them are too tall to fit under the top cupboards in the kitchen... annoying!

    1. Alice, I just sent you the following email, but then looked back and realized I sent it into nowhere. Oops. So here it is.

      Thanks, Alice! Maybe instead of the double or tripled tiered trays, you could use a single like a cake stand under the cupboards? Then you could use the taller ones on the kitchen table or stack two singles.

      Alice, so glad you stopped by and commented. It really makes my day!
      Have a great weekend,


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