Thursday, July 26, 2012

Warm & Fuzzy

I’ve decided it’s time to end this week and start the weekend a bit early.  Here’s a little warm & fuzzy story to kick off your weekend.  It’s short, but sure to warm your heart.

About a week and a half ago, my mom stole a few hours to have to herself to run errands and just meander a bit while my dad hung out with my sis.  Along the way, she stopped for lunch.  She noticed a woman that looked familiar.  Turns out she did not know this woman and they did not speak a word to each other.

I only mention her because at the end of my mom’s meal, the waiter approached my mom and said, “Your lunch has been paid for.”  My mom was slightly puzzled as anyone would be, and of course beyond grateful.  After speaking with the waiter, she came to find out that it was this woman that she had noticed earlier who paid for lunch.  It turns out this woman does this about once a month, just because. 

How cool is that?

I’m not sure why this woman picked my mom.  Maybe it was because she was eating alone.  Maybe she reminded her of someone.  All I know is that she couldn’t have picked a better person that day.  My mom could use a bit of pampering.  Now that my dad is progressing further in his battle with Alzheimer’s, it’s more and more life changing, leaving my mom with little time for herself.  Without worries.

If I could write a note to this woman, I would.  And by the odd, freakish chance that she comes across my humble, little blog…

Dear Anonymous Woman at California Pizza Kitchen,

I don’t know how or why you picked my mom to treat to lunch that day.  It’s almost as if you were guided to the exact right person.  You were like an angel sent down to brighten my mom’s day and warm her heart.  You gave her more than just a meal.  You gave her a moment to forget her stresses and be taken care of.  Your kindness has definitely left a mark on her heart forever.  She came home that day overwhelmed with tears of gratitude from your simple act of kindness.  You are truly one of God’s angels on earth.

Words cannot express my gratitude.


One deeply moved and very grateful daughter


  1. That is such a warm and fuzzy, uplifting, amazing story! I've heard about people who do this, but thought it might be folklore. What a wonderful thing! It sure sounds like the gifter was looking for just the right giftee, and she found her! She must know what a positive impact her generosity has on others - I bet someone did that for her once and knows what a boost it is. Wonderful!

  2. Such a sweet story Kim. What a positive story on someone opening their heart esp on the heels of the devastation last week in Colorado.


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