Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Adding Personality to the Garage Entry Door

If you live in the Midwest and have been to the amusement park Cedar Point, you may have heard the phrase “Welcome back, riders.”  It’s a phrase the workers say every time you return from a roller coaster ride and has become one of our family catch phrases.  We often say it when we pull into our garage after a long trip, long day or any day for that matter.

So I thought it’d be fun to wake up our garage entry door with a bit of paint and personality.  I framed it up with some washi tape for a bit of color.




Sure, it’s completely unnecessary, but something that adds a little fun to the everyday and gives our home a personal touch.  I’m lovin it!

(If you missed what’s on the other side of this door, go here.)


  1. How cute! And a great way of reinforcing family rituals. I wouldn't call that unnecessary :)

  2. that ! really really cool...thank you so much for sharing at our first HAPPY HOUR FRIDAY linky party...xo

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