Friday, September 28, 2012

My Super Power: Strep Detector

A tongue that looks like a ripe, red strawberry – check.

Breath that has a weird, sweetish scent – check.

As soon as my little guy woke up yesterday, I knew what was coming.  I detected it so quickly this time, I almost questioned myself.  Diagnosis: strep throat.  After several bouts of strep with my oldest, I’ve become a pro at strep detection.  In the end, it saves me days of misery because we shut it down at the first sign.  It actually does make me feel like I have some kind of super power.

So that’s it.  We’ve kicked off the dreaded sick season already.  When my kids are on antibiotics, I often ask myself if I gave them their medicine?  The days start to blend together and I lose track.  Heck, sometimes I ask myself if I put on deodorant Smile.  So anyways…I started writing it on our kitchen chalkboard like this.  Not for my deodorant, for the meds.


Then I remembered a fantastic trick my friend Tricia at making it feel like home did to track her meds.  She simply wrote with a sharpie right on the med bottle.  Brilliant!


This little bottle is so small, I almost didn’t have enough room, but it works!  I’m doing both methods this time around as back up systems to each other.  (Thanks for the great tip, Tricia!)

Also, just want to share a super easy and yummy chicken chili recipe with you.  Perfect for a fall day!  You can find the recipe here from my Super Bowl Food post.  I shared it over at Just a Girl's Slow Cooker Linky Party the other day.

Have a great weekend and stay well!!  By this time tomorrow, my little guy should be turning a corner.  Hoping we can make it through with only one man down.  Fingers crossed!

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