Thursday, August 16, 2012

My First Annie Sloan Project: A Hit & a Miss

Before our last vacation, I decided it was the perfect time to finally repaint our kitchen table.  I mean who wouldn’t paint instead of pack?  Do you do that too?  Find other things to do besides the thing you are suppose to do?

There was actually some logic behind it.  Painting it and leaving it for a week, would give it time to cure.  See I wasn’t completely avoiding my packing duties.  It made perfect sense.


The plan was to do a grey driftwood look to tie it into my family room better.  I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in French Linen and Old White.

First, I did a dry brush of the French Linen thinking that would be enough, but it wasn’t.


Then, I added Old White mixed with water.  Too white.


So I did a French Linen water wash over that.  Much better.



Loved how it turned out!







Doesn’t work in the room.  Something’s just not right.


Is it the wrong grey with this red?  The wrong red with this grey?


Or are the black chairs not meshing quite right with new look?


It may just be the wrong color for the table altogether.


I sat on it for a week to see if I’d change my mind.

But no, it’s just not doing it for me.


paint chairs white or back to all black or repaint table


repaint table – white/cream, all chairs black

Every time I see black and white spaces, I adore them, so why was I straying away from that?  Go with it.  Turns out, I need to repaint anyhow because I only did a haphazard wax job before we left and there are already scrapes  and scratches.

Once this cast is off, that will be my first project!  Somehow, I think you’ll be hearing that a lot from me.  We’ll see what I actually tackle first.


  1. Hmmm ... well, good job tackling the chalk paint! I have yet to try it out, but I really want to!!!
    Personally, I think all black chairs would be better, for starters ... and then, with the table, I would either make it MORE white (i.e. less variation showing, etc.) OR I would sand and distress the edges, corners, etc. so that there's more contrast in the variation. That probably doesn't make any sense. :-)
    But good luck! I'm sure it'll be great no matter what! :-)

  2. I agree - all chairs black. I think the red throws it off a little. But i LOVE how the table turned out! I really need to try the Annie Sloan paint! Thanks for sharing at the Pomp Party! Pinning to our Pomp Party board!

  3. I recently tried the chalk paint and it's not easy to work with, so well done! I guess the colour of the table is perfect, the chairs are perfect and your kitchen is beautiful... But you're right, together they don't work that well. I would go whiter or creamier on the table with less contrast and black chairs... But I'm no expert!

  4. Love your drift wood table. I have to try this some time.

  5. I like your chosen solution, but I'd say start with the table and then see if you still want to repaint the red chairs. I think the table is the biggest problem & you might light the red chairs when you get the table sorted.

  6. I like your solution too =) Love your pops of red though!

    Visiting from 30 Handmade Days

  7. Can't tell from the photos what color your curtains are in the living area but they read blue to me. I like the idea of a robin egg blue for the chairs...just sayin' Good luck!

  8. I'd do a white table, slightly distressed and paint the chairs with a pop of color. Something contrasting to the black and red in the kitchen - like blue or yellow. Probably blue.


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