Saturday, January 12, 2013

40 fun day

Happy Birthday to me…

today I turn 40!

{image via Geronimo balloons}

How did that happen?  Weird.  So weird.

Just for fun, here are a couple {40} random facts about me.  Because who doesn’t need to know 40 facts about me? Ha! I kid.  As a blog reader, I like to learn little tidbits about the real live person behind the blog, so why not?  Plus, it’ll be fun to look back one day to see what was in my head at 40.  Here we go…

  1. If I had the means, I’d hire a personal chef.
  2. currently obsessed with giant, round balloons, like those ones up there.
  3. obsessed with paper straws, but don’t really like drinking from them.
  4. favorite accessory: fashion statement rings IMG_5277
  5. would love to be in a flash mob one day!
  6. getting less daring with age {I think it’s a parenting thing}
  7. I’m a procrastinator
  8. I’m a terrible housekeeper
  9. I love the smell of fresh laundry
  10. I love the smell of fresh cut grass and the humming of a lawn mower.  makes me happy.
  11. my most favorite thing at a concert is when the entire audience sings along – OH, HOW I LOVE THAT!
  12. don’t wear eye shadow, just mascara
  13. Make-up or no make-up, I always wear COBigelow lip gloss from Bath & Body Works.  Don’t leave home without it.  And it’s minty fresh!IMG_5281
  14. Every morning I drink a Starbucks Via coffee – half milk, half water and a teaspoon of sugar (sometimes all milk).
  15. I LOVE biscuits with REAL butter and honey drizzled on top.!
  16. I love cute shoes, my feet hate them. (plantar fasciitis – ugh) Most of the time, you’ll find me sportin tennies whether they go with my outfit or not. Unless I’m actually going “out,” then I suck it up. At my feet’s worst, I wore tennies with my bathing suit on the beach – totally ridiculous!!!!!
  17. Therefore, my dream is to be the inventor of a shoe that has the comfort of tennies with the style of today’s trends. Or at least for someone else to do it! PLEASE!
  18. I’m a pants girl.  I feel better in pants and I think I look better in pants.  A sassed up jean outfit is my preference.
  19. If I could be styled like anyone, I would go for the Jennifer Aniston look, clean and classic.  And you can’t mention clean and classic without including Audrey Hepburn or Jackie O.  But, alas, I’m usually the opposite – a bit disheveled.
  20. Clothes shopping really isn’t that fun for me.  Although, I recently had an awesome time with Sarah at Ann Taylor Loft.  She hooked me up!
  21. And that is probably why I’m obsessed with shopping for home stuff, truly gives me a natural high.  I could spend hours!
  22. I thought the outside of Alcatraz was beautiful with the flowers and broken buildings mixed together.  My husband thought I was crazy.
  23. Give me a platter of cheese, meats, fruit and some wine and oooohhhh, I’m in heaven!  Holy Moly!  LOVE.
  24. Giving the perfect gift to someone is way more fun than receiving.
  25. I enjoy looking through magazines and catalogs better than looking at stuff online.  
  26. I get teary-eyed at all my kids’ school performances. Something about those little guys singing, gets me all mushy.
  27. If I could wish for one talent, it would be to sing well.
  28. I don’t really watch sports (although it’s always on at my house), but the sound of a football game soothes me. Once, when my husband was out of town, I actually turned on a game for background noise.
  29. But if it’s an exciting game, you bet I’m jumping around like an idiot.  I’m pretty good at acting like an idiot. Smile   
  30. I’m not on Twitter or Instagram and not sure that I want to be.  {I might eat my words someday, like I did with Facebook.}
  31. Speaking of FB, I have a love/hate relationship with it.  well, love might be too strong a word – like/hate is more like it.
  32. I kind of hate that my kids are growing up with FB where all your mistakes can be made public at the push of a button.
  33. I’m on Google+ and have no clue how it works.
  34. I think if the whole world came together at a tailgater, we might find world peace.  Think about it, everyone loves each other at a tailgater. Smile
  35. Although, I’m guilty of this, one of my pet peeves is no response from email or text.  then you think, “did they get the note?” “did the note come across the wrong way?” “do they think I’m a weirdo?”  My friend and I call it crickets when we don’t hear back.
  36. I tend to overanalyze things.
  37. pet peeve – silverware scraping together
  38. I want a personal trainer.
  39. I find the best times usually happen by accident.
  40. I am in love with my readers, friends and family.  You have ALL made me feel extra special this year!  Thank you!

If you’re still here, thanks for stopping by and listening to me babble today!  Now, I’m off to buy a big, huge, round balloon and eat a super yummy dinner dressed in a sassy jean outfit, with super cute, uncomfortable shoes while wearing make up!

Just in case, you didn’t get enough of useless, fun facts, here’s another short list I did a while ago.


  1. Happy 40th! When you invent those shoes, let me know. I will be your first customer! Also if you ever figure out google+, clue me in. I don't get it!

    1. Thanks, Julie! You'll be the first to know about those shoes...and please, if you come across some, let me know! :)

  2. Happy Birthday to you!!! Would share a bottle of wine and a fruit/meat/cheese platter with you!

  3. Happy birthday! I hope it's an amazing day for you!

  4. Happy birthday! My hubby threw me a better-late-than-never 40th birthday party on the 12th...just in time for my 41st birthday tomorrow! I hope you had a wonderful day.

  5. Happy birthday Kim!
    I think you are my 'best friend I haven't met yet'... 'cause your list looks A LOT like mine! (Although for now I have 35 items on my list!) I follow your blog just because I love the tidbits you share from your life, it's the only 'non-purpose driven blog I follow'. (Although refreshing my spirit counts as a purpose, right? And your blog does that for me.)

    So I truly hope you have an amazing birthday with: shoes that don't hurt your feet, big round balloons, cheese, meat and wine, and your lovely family and friends around you.

    Hugs from afar... from your 'best friend you haven't met yet'... who also is on Google+ but doesn't understand it.

    Hopefully my 'friend' comment wasn't creepy... sometimes I think I'm funnier than I truly am :)

    1. Thanks, Alice! Your comments always make my day and no, you didn't creep me out. Sometimes I think the same thing after I leave comments. too funny;)

  6. Happy Belated Birthday my dear... doing my catching up! Hope you had a fabulous forty!!!!

  7. Happy Birthday! :) Hope 40 is a great year for you!!

  8. Happy birthday! I just did a random facts list on my blog too. I was in a flash mob 2 summers ago, and it was amazing! You can sign up at Flash Mob America, and they send you info about upcoming flash mobs wherever you live.

    I'm on Google+ too, and I still haven't figured out what I'm doing. Keeping up with social media can be exhausting.

  9. Happy birthday Kim! I hope you are enjoying this fab time. 40 is the new 30! At least that is what I keep telling myself as the years gett closer to 4-0. Oh, and in case you want to get your hands on some of the big ballons, check out and click on the boutique as they have some on there.

  10. Happy Belated Birthday, Kim! That was fun for my first visit to your blog! :) Wishing you a wonderful year filled with all you love!


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