Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Yep, Another Plant Post


When I get excited about something, I have to share.  I saw this beauty right when I walked into the grocery store Sunday night.  I knew I wanted to add it to my plant collection, but would it pass my criteria?  YES!  Right there on its tag were the words I needed to see- durable plant.  SOLD.


And hey, look, a sneak peek at my office too.  You can see the desk in between the two piles of paper.  I didn’t think of it before, but I think this plant just found its new home.



I’ll let you know if this plant holds up like the others that survived.  And this still might be the only part of the office you will see this week.  Two boys home sick yesterday, so there was a lot of mama snuggles and mama requests to postpone my big clean up a little bit longer.  Hoping to send one back to school tomorrow (which is really today since it’s past midnight), but I’m positive the other guy is going to find his place again on the couch tomorrow.

Hope you are feeling well and fending off the germs in your neck of the woods.  If we can keep it at 2 out of the 5 of us, that would be fine by me! Smile


  1. So... I saw your previous plant post. It must have been stuck in my head because next time I was in Walmart I somehow left with 3 plants in my cart!

    I picked up a jade plant... 'cause of the durability, and neglectability (is that word? it should be!)
    A bamboo plant that is beautiful, all criss cross and cool looking.
    And an adorable little bonsai tree, because who doesn't want an adorable little tree in their house?

    So, thanks for the inspiration... it's been 3 days and they aren't dead yet, so I'm doing well!


  2. Pretty, pretty plant! And seriously - those are the type of plants I need, the durable ones. I kill everything plant related. Babies and puppies I can handle, but plants? Nope. They just don't like me very much.

  3. I usually walk right past these at the grocery store but now I'll grab one! I posted earlier this month on winter blooming indoors at my house, too! Found you thru Nifty Thrifty Things party...


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