Monday, November 21, 2011


Since becoming a mom over 10 years ago, I've become completely technologically illiterate.  I only read my first blog about 6 months ago.  I was looking at Houzz and stumbled across a room I loved and clicked on the link  4men1lady (then, 3 men and a lady).  That was it!  I was hooked to the blogosphere!  I am now trying to catch up with technology (especially now that I have a "tween" and need to be on my toes for future).  So bear with me as I attempt to be in the blogosphere.  I'm sure there will be a lot of fine tuning along the way as I learn.  I've been inspired by so many blogs out there, I just had to join the fun. 

A couple things you may need to know... I am the queen of unfinished projects, so I hope this blog will keep me accountable and make me finish the projects I start.    I don't always do things the proper way, I tend to shortcut things.  In that process, I come up with ways to do things that might make you shake your head.  I've never used a drill and don't know how to sew...WHAAAT?!  I have friends that help me with those things, but I'm thinking about learning how to sew and actually picking up a drill.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I will share my "gratitude wreath" as my first official post.  I spotted the idea in the November 2011 issue of Better Homes and Gardens.  The idea of the wreath is to add a leaf to it every day with something you are grateful for.  Below is my version of it.

Supplies: scissors, pearl topped pins (I used tacks and found them to be too short), foam wreath form, burlap (I used burlap garland), feathers, paper for the leaves
It only took about 10 minutes to make!  Can't beat that!  I can't wait to see it fill up with leaves with all of the blessings we are grateful for.  It will be fun to read on Thanksgiving.

I took it one step further and decided to "gobble" my neighbor.  (Definition of "gobble":  to gobble is a spin off of the Halloween ding dong ditch booing or ghosting.)  The neighbor I "gobbled" always does for others so I wanted her to know how much we appreciate her and her family.  Below is the note I attached to a grocery bag with the wreath in it.

I had grand ideas of putting pumpkin muffins in the bag with the wreath, but time was a wastin' and I needed to get it out the door.  That's how a lot of my plans go...grand ideas go simple.  Oh, PS, I just pinned everything so I can change the wreath for the seasons if I want.  Keep the burlap, take off feathers, change ribbon....add Christmas ornaments, poinsettias, etc.  I love multi-functional things!

Well, I DID IT!  My first official post!  Hope you stop by again...


  1. Kim I love it good job! I will be a following you!

  2. Cute! Love wreaths and the fact that you gobbled someone! Thanks for sharing at the Pomp Party! Hope to see you back next week!


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