Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Good Angry Fun!

cupcake toppers - Party Animal blog
Today my youngest turns 6, so I want to share the fun we had with his birthday theme this year - Angry Birds.   Being the youngest, he sometimes gets the shaft, so I owed him his very first “kid party”.   There were so many great ideas out there, it took great restraint to hone in on only a few.  I’ll include my sources of inspiration so you can see all the other things you can do with this theme.  Good fun!

So this year I talked the little man into doing the party outside of our house in the hopes I wouldn’t obsess so much about itJ.   We chose a gymnastics facility…perfect for a bunch of boys to run, jump and bounce out their energy.  Yehaw!  No need to figure out games, just order pizza, bring cupcakes and call it good.  They even provided a party favor!  I tried to leave it at that, but there were too many fun possibilities, I had to do one of them!
For the goody bags, I attached Angry Bird faces to colored bags (free printables from  Party Animal blog).  I tossed around a couple ideas of what to put inside and decided to do a bag of 6 gumballs (played off the age 6 too, pure coincidence, happened to be what fit) with a note that said, “Hope you had a ball!”  
I also gave each boy two Angry Bird coloring sheets (Cartoon Jr. ) and a bouncy ball.  To seal the bag, I used a mailing label with a little note of thanks. 
I know it would've been fine with just the gumballs or just the balloon and sucker provided by the gymnastics facility for that matter, but I love the creative process and the fun bags we ended up with.  They made for great decoration on the table too.  Multi-functional – LOVE IT!

I restrained myself from incorporating Angry Bird games into the gymnastics stuff.  It was hard, but I held back and let it be fun on its own.  And it was.  The boys had a blast and only one bloody nose.  Not badJ!  Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the fun backyard slingshot game we did for the family party.
Sources of Inspiration
free printable favor bag faces and cupcake toppers - Party Animal blog
free printable coloring pages -Cartoon Jr.

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