Friday, November 25, 2011

Perfectly Imperfect!

#1 Reason Why I Am Thankful for My Family:  I set the table with a wrinkled tablecloth and knew they wouldn't even blink an eye!  Not sure if you can tell how wrinkled it was from the picture, but it was like crumpled up in a ball wrinkled!  I thought about ironing it when I saw how bad it was, but knew that it wasn't worth the stress knowing that my family is so laid back and wouldn't be bothered by it.  I love them!

So obviously I wasn't too prepared for Thanksgiving this year.  I was wrapped up in Angry Bird world for my son's birthday (pics coming next week).  I saw fabulous inspirations for Thanksgiving table settings, but in the end I pulled together a perfectly imperfect table with whatever was in front of me and I loved it! 

Just threw some painted pumpkins left from Halloween on the table as the centerpiece.  It was fun mixing the fancy with the fun!
My craft lived in harmony with my 6 year old's craft.
An Angry Bird even made it to the feast!
A colorful turkey with instructions of how to cook a turkey written by my daughter hung on the cupboard door (and a snowflake made it in there too).
You really can't beat the beauty of a child's artwork.

My daughter and I had fun creating the kids' table.  We wrapped the table with white wrapping paper, cut grocery bags for placemats, threw in a homemade centerpiece and some crayons for fun doodling!

And I had fun creating name tags for some adult fun, the wine glasses.  I grabbed some office labels, which I tried once before by trying to wrap the metal ring around the stem and found it to be much too challenging.  So instead, this time I simply tied them on with some colored baker's twine.  This worked out so much better.  They were still in good shape, so I was able to save them for the next family gathering.  Yay!

I was so thankful for such a relaxing, fun-filled, yummy Thanksgiving surrounded by the love and warmth of family!  It was perfectly imperfect!


  1. Your tables all look festive and lovely!! Your painted pumpkins look so pretty on the table with the china!! I am a non ironing kind of girl myself. I'm a big fan of the Downey Wrinkle Releaser Spray on my tablecloths :)


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