Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Half Bath Change of Heart

So I mentioned that because I don't finish my projects completely, I end up changing my mind about what I want to do with them.  My half bath is a prime example.  At first I didn't have a vision or inspiration for the room, but wanted to do a mini-makeover, a lipstick fix to hold us over.  I finally found inspiration in a hot pink color palette that I found in this room by Natalie Umbert.  Loved this room!  Too scared to do a big room in this pink, I thought the bathroom would be the perfect place.

Natalie Umbert

So my plan at that point was to paint the vanity black to ground the room and offset the pink. Then on my hunt for artwork, I found these at Home Goods.  The price was right and they had that pop of color I was looking for.

Since the artwork worked with the current wall color and I was feeling lazy didn't go with the pink paint chip, I decided to skip painting and just hung the artwork.  Black would still work for the vanity, but to blend with my ugly tile, I opted for espresso in the hopes it would help the tile fade away.  

This tile reminds me of my elementary school bathroom.  Given a different color and materials, these tiles could be hip and modern...but they are NOT

So I painted the vanity espresso and found a streamlined mirror in the same color.   I have a new faucet waiting to be installed, but it seemed wrong to install it on a counter with a seashell sink.  My plan was to buy a builder's grade white vanity top from Lowes or Home Depot as my cheapest option.  But wouldn't you know it, the standard size now is 49 inches and mine is 47 inches.  I thought maybe it could work, but the sink would be off-centered and add all kinds of issues.

Then I thought, wood, what about wood?  Is that crazy?  Low and behold, I found someone who actually did it!  And cheap!  They purchased butcher block from IKEA.  (Read about how this couple stained and installed the butcher block at Welcome to Heardmont.)  So that was my solution.  However, time restraints and everyday life seem to always stop me from completing this project.  

Didn't the folks at Heardmont do a great job?!

So the point to this long winded story is that since I never finished this project, there has been time for new ideas to grow. 
Like this.
Or this.
Now I've got the itch to start all over again. UGH!

But for now, my to do list is so long, that I will live with what I've got...except for the fact that sea shell sink is screaming to be thrown to the curb!!!!!!! 

Oh, here's what it looks like now...

So what do you think?
Do I do the butcher block counter or
do I just add the new faucet to the seashell sink
until I can do a total makeover someday - new vanity, tiles, etc?
I would love to hear your thoughts!


  1. throw out the sink! bye bye seashell:>

  2. I know, it's gotta go! For now, I'm going to move it to the bottom of the list until I've gotten through some of my other unfinished projects that don't require, sanding, staining, poly, cutting, plumbing...And maybe by then, we'll be ready to do a complete redo:)!


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