Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Random Rambling: Spontaneous Creativity

Every now and then I may do what I declare a "random rambling".  It won't happen every Tuesday or every second Tuesday of the month, it will happen well, randomly.  And you guessed it, it will be me rambling on about something just for fun.   I hope you enjoy today's first Random Rambling...

I love it when my kids get in a creative groove all on their own.  It's a slice of heaven.  This past weekend my daughter asked if she could make a concoction.  My kids like to do this a lot.  Take a bit of this and a bit of that to make some crazy food or potion. 

This time I was glad it wasn't something involving food.  They always ask me to taste test.  Sometimes I oblige and well, most times I flat out say, "No way! You try it!"  However, I have to hand it to my son, last time he created something that resembled apple cobbler.   Okay, so back to the latest creation.

My daughter gathered hand sanitizer, soap, water and glitter.  She put it all in a little bitty hand sanitizer bottle, so I gave her a mason jar.  When my little man saw what she was doing, of course he had to join the fun.  Now two mad scientist at work.  I offered up some food coloring and they were just giddy with excitement!  Actually, I liked it better clear, you could see the glitter better.  But they were all about color!

They turned out to be like a fun sparkly snow globe with nothing but sparkles, soap bubbles and a random confetti snowflake.  Really fun and pretty cool looking, actually.  Obviously, the hand sanitizer adds nothing but another ingredient to the mix, which is half the fun for them.

Today they decided they wanted to paint the lids. This is the craft that just keeps on giving and it wasn't even my idea. I love that!

Oh, wait, I forgot.  Once my oldest came in, food did enter the picture.  First he created a mango, pretzel mix of some sort and the other was vanilla pudding, crushed pretzels and peanut butter.  I think we have a future dessert inventor.  Sweet and salty works every time.  Ben and Jerry's might want to pick him up for the ice cream lab in a few years.

As I write this, I can hear them in the background playing a mean game of  heads vs. tails with a quarter.  They crack me up!  These are my favorite moments.  When they make something out of nothing.  Okay, I really am rambling.  Have a great day!  I hope you have some spontaneous fun today!

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