Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Recycled Craft Project

We are so lucky to have two sister babysitters across the street.  This gives us a back up plan when one can't sit, hopefully the other can.  And sometimes the kids are lucky enough to get both.  Since we were at our sitters' house for a White Elephant party on Saturday, they both came to our house and did their own little White Elephant party with our kids.  How cute is that?  The kids searched the house for stuff they didn't want anymore and did a gift exchange of their own.  Our babysitter sister tag team also came over with a bag full of fun for our kids. 

Inside the bag of fun:
  • old greeting cards
  • scrapbook paper remnants
  • wrapping paper tubes

What they did:
Created flags by cutting and pasting the old cards and scrapbook paper to a white sheet of paper and taping it to the wrapping paper tubes.

Simple - Creative - Cute - Fun - & Free!
What a great combo!
Have you done any recycled crafts at your house lately?
I would love to see them!

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