Friday, January 6, 2012

Organizing Tips and Clutter Counter Update

So I did it!  I made it the whole week with papers flying in from school and I was still able to MAINTAIN my dreaded clutter counter!  Yehaw!!

Although I am organizational challenged, I will share some organizing tricks that have worked for me (for the most part).

Baskets on the Stairs
These serve as a collection center for the kids' stuff throughout the day.  They save us from crazy clutter piles all over the stairs.  Currently, we are great at filling them, not emptying them.  Hey, it's a start.

The Cubbies
Sometimes it takes many "mom reminders," but it is the home for coats, boots, shoes and backpacks.

Magnet Clips on the Bins above the Cubbies
These save my life for important school stuff like weekly spelling lists or long term projects. They are there when we need to refer to them.

Activity Binder
This binder holds team schedules, phone numbers, activity information, invitations, etc. all in one place.

Cork Board Inside Cabinet Door
My quick "go to" for neighbor numbers or things I don't want to lose in a pile.  Could also use the binder, but sometimes it's nice just to open the kitchen cabinet to grab one phone number.

Pencil Bin and Paper Drawer Just for the Kids
I was tired of the kids constantly asking where a pencil or piece of paper was, so now they have their own designated stash.

Lingerie Bag to Corral Socks
I love this idea, but don't do it enough.  Socks are one of my biggest enemies.  This keeps them together and easy to pair up.  My goal is to get each child a bag so when they take off their socks, they simply put them in the bag.  And the best part would be after I wash them, I can just give each child their own bag of socks.  BOOM!  No sorting for me!

Hooks! Hooks! Hooks!
This is my favorite! Seriously! I can't get enough hooks.  They are so user friendly to all and can hold so many different things.  Wet swimsuits, towels, snow pants, coats, bags, purses.  My husband is probably chuckling because I talk about it every time we go on vacation.   If I ever own a vacation home, there will be hooks, and lots of them!

What are your best organizing tips?
I could use as many as I can get. 

One last thing.  I cannot talk about organizing without sending you to the master of organization, Jen at i heart organizing.  If you need inspiration to get yourself moving or new ideas, she's your gal!  A visit to her blog will keep you focused and motivated.  Happy organizing!

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  1. Wow, Kim, I am going to read in detail about all your organization tips. I have ADHD, and you will know it right away when you come to my home :-( Hope we can have a play date later, then you can help me with organizing while kids are playing :-) Let me read your golden tips first... THANK YOU!!! - Helen


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