Monday, November 18, 2013


Well, I feel a bit rude leaving you hanging there from my last post with an almost done room and then radio silence.  First, thank you, thank you, thank you for all the sweet comments.  Oh my goodness, they truly warmed my heart and felt like a big hug.  I appreciate all the supportive and kind words more than you know.

Oh, and I also left you hanging on a Baltimore post I promised.  Geesh, that’s not very nice.  It’s like when you put your hand up for a high five and you’re left hanging waiting for a return high five.  Not cool. Smile

Anyhow, everyday life stuff continues to put up barricades to my progress over here and rather than stretch myself so thin that I snap, I have pretended it’s finished.  And really, it’s pretty much done (except for the baseboard and the trim and the this and the that, but really, it’s pretty much done – ha!).  I just haven’t been able to get the room picture ready to share.  I put up the gallery wall, but honestly, not feeling it.  Not sure if my pieces are too heavy visually or if it’s this one piece throwing everything off.  It’s feeling cluttered.

So just like the post title says, I just stopped in to say hello today.  Was missing blogging, but can’t put my focus on it at the moment. 

Have a wonderful week, my friends!!  Hope all is well.

- Kim


  1. Kim, you're not alone with real life preventing you from doing the fun stuff like blogging and house fluffing!! You'll get there with the room….we'll be here waiting :)

  2. This is real life, isn't it?! It'll get done, eventually. Happy Holidays!


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