Saturday, December 17, 2011

Accidental Holiday Decorating

A couple weeks ago, our kids did a Christmas show for my husband and me.  They even made props and a Santa costume.  You could tell it was serious business.  They closed off the entire playroom so we could not sneak a peek.  My little guy was so cute about it.  He had to leave for a birthday party and told me not to worry, his brother was going to take over his job while he was gone.

Anyhow, the show was cute, of course.  It had two acts.   My favorite part was when they opened the curtains for act two and the entire room was transformed. 

There were over 30 handmade paper snowflakes taped all over the walls...

a Christmas tree drawn on several pieces of paper taped together with real ornaments taped on it...

and Christmas lights draped around the perimeter of the room.  

And although it was messy, I totally appreciated that they used the scraps from their snowflakes as falling snow during the play!  They did such a great job and the room looked so fun, we kept all the snowflakes and the lights up to be a part of our Christmas decorations this year.  My pictures won’t do it justice, but you can feel the magic of Christmas in that room!

Completely Magical!

I mentioned in my last post I would share the fun from the my son's class party, but I still need to organize that post and don't have time right now.  We are running out to see Cirque Dreams Holidaze with my in-laws and I still have to shower and make myself look human:)!  It will be there next time, I swear!

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