Tuesday, December 13, 2011

In Living Color

So it’s true, I’ve been a white light snob for over 14 years and now my kids have broken me.  It all started last Christmas when my kids told me endless times that our Christmas decor was boring and we needed color.  I decided I actually liked the Christmas balls you see hanging outside on people’s trees and took a baby step by getting each child a color.  Next, I gave in and got colored lights for the Christmas tree…that everyone can see through our front window, the horror!  As it turned out, I ended up liking the punches of color and by the end of Christmas season, I bought a huge pack of ornaments – pink, blue, green (only $3 mind you, nothing to lose).  The color bug got under my skin.
So this year, I’ve decided to take my traditional front door wreaths and punch them up a bit.  Traditional Christmas decor is and always will be in style, but why not have a little fun and make my kids happy at the same time?  It’s a win-win.  Besides, their childhood is such a small window of time, let's whoop it up kid style!

Classic, beautiful, never out of style, still LOVE it!
classic with a punch of fun
I tried keeping the bow on it and adding colorful ornaments, but it seemed like it just wasn't working, so I kept it simple.

The beauty of it is, I could change these wreaths every year if I wanted with a little florist wire, nothing is permanent.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one for collecting and buying more stuff just to do a different theme every year.  I think I could get creative with the stuff that’s around me.  But I think we’ll be living in color for a while. 
And I might be trying too hard on this one, but it's for our side door and was super cheap - $4 for wreath and another $3 or $4 for JOY sign.

Big wreath for garage, actually very sad looking, so it needed an update anyway.

New bow and colorful ornaments
I don't know, I still don't love this wreath, but I had to incorporate it with our colored wall of lights and colored balls.  I'm sure I could do better, but time wasn't on my side, it was outdoor decoration day (nice weather too) and I knew my husband wouldn't have a chance to climb on our roof again.

I have to say stepping out of my box on this has been slightly challenging.  I don't think I've mastered the look quite right.  I've seen fun, colorful displays that I love, but for some reason I'm not sure I've pulled it off.  Baby steps.

So that's how we went over to the "colorful side"...for now anyways.  I still have dreams of an all white, gold and silver Christmas.  Someday.   Sigh.

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