Friday, December 2, 2011

Fake the Cake

I found so many wonderful cake inspirations, even some with a playable Angry Bird game on it.   This is another case of my grand plans going simple.  I had a vision of everyone giggling as we smashed parts of the cake down, but in the end, I left slingshotting to the backyard.  I was also going to bake the cake myself this year (my sister usually does), but when it came down to the wire, I just bought a plain frosted cake.  This is where I"faked the cake" to look costumized.  
Instead of making edible fondant Angry Birds, I opted to buy plastic ones because I liked the idea that my son could play with them after the party.  Double duty - love it!  So I bought a twelve pack of Angry Bird figures from Amazon and used chocolate wafers as the structure for the green pigs.   My 7 year old daughter took over with the placement of the birds and pigs and added Skittles to be the stolen eggs.   I also cheated and used the store bought candy letters to write Happy Birthday on the side of the cake.  We had some leftover cupcakes and gumballs from the night before so I incorporated them into the décor surrounding the cake.  Loved how it turned out!  So darn cute.    So you don't have to be a baker or cake decorator to make it look custom.  Just fake the cake and you are good to go!
To see a playable Angry Birds cake, go here:

Tomorrow I will wrap up my Angry Birds fun with some pictures of my simple decorating and simple food menu.  Happy Friday!!

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