Thursday, December 22, 2011

Look What I Got

Just had to share this cute mason jar gift my friend gave to me.
How fun is this?!

She made the marshmallow snowman faces with edible markers.
I never knew there was such a thing.
Fun Stuff!

And here's something I grabbed while out braving the mall last night - a Capri Blue Volcano scented candle from Anthropologie.  A good friend of mine gave me a gift card last year and I actually had it with me for once!    

Every time I drag my husband and I walk into Anthropologie, we are drawn in by this scent.  The first time we walked through the store like Toucan Sam, following our noses until we found where it was coming from.  I've wanted it for a while, but wanted the mercury glass container (they usually come in cobalt blue or red).  And in came the holidays and the mercury glass was back!  Yay!  I was also holding back because I haven't really lit a candle (besides birthday cakes) since kids.  I finally decided that the kids are old enough and I love the scent enough to live on the edge. 

I wish you could smell it through the computer, it's heavenly!

Crazy, could have been horrible, side story...I finally lit a candle last weekend (before I grabbed this one) and left the house for 8 hours with it lit!  Came home and everything was still in tact.  Thank God!  My guardian angel was watching over me.  Unbelievable!  I hope the glass jar will keep it contained if I ever do that again.

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