Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Few More Easter Ideas

Over the years, I’ve been trying to find ways to have less candy at Easter.  I’m not talking about banning candy, just cutting it down a bit.  It used to be the kids would get candy in their baskets, then a whole new pile of candy after the Easter egg hunt, plus candy from their grandparents!  The fact is, they eat a pile of jelly beans on Easter, then forget about it.  Same thing happens at Halloween.  Here are a couple ways that we’ve decreased the candy, but kept the fun.

  • Family Candy Basket:  Inspired by my sister-in-law, I adopted her family candy basket last year.  The kids still receive their own basket of loot, but things more like books, small toys, whatever makes sense to you.  The Easter bunny then fills the family candy basket with a couple of favorites.
  • One big favorite candy:  This year I got movie sized Swedish Fish Eggs for their individual baskets.  They love Swedish Fish and don’t have it often, so I know they will appreciate them.  I know the giant chocolate bunny is the usual route, which I LOVED as a kid, but my oldest doesn’t even like chocolate.  Crazy, I know.  Don’t worry, the other two will get some chocolate.
  • Twist on the Easter Egg Hunt:  During the younger years, we filled the eggs with Teddy Grahams and Goldfish along with traditional jelly beans.  Last year we did a few with coins.  This year, we are doing all coins.  We aren’t talking big money here.  Just use that collection of change you get in a jar over the year.
  • Another Twist on the Easter Egg Hunt:  One year we actually had empty eggs and gave out a goody bag in exchange for their eggs. 

I also want to share a couple ideas that I love from the ladies at eighteen25.  They always have fantastic ideas!  First up, Bunny Tails - genius and adorable!  I hope to do this one this year.  Love it!  Just some marshmallows in a snack size ziploc with a cute tag!

bunny tails

You can go to their site for the Bunny Tails printable and if you’d like to pin this picture please go directly to eighteen25.

This other idea is adorable for the little girls in your life - nail polish in plastic eggs.  Seriously, how cute is this?!  Again, make sure to pin this pic over eighteen25.

rainbow of polish

And make sure to stop by Prep Like a Chef for a couple more Easter ideas.

  • Wednesday:  Coloring Eggs Naturally
  • Friday:            Planned Over Easter Menu – what to do with Easter leftovers

Enjoy the holiday fun!


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  1. I did no candy baskets this year too. I put stickers, erasers, kid style band-aids, raisins, tattoos in the eggs. Then I bought one large gift (a barbie for one and a DVD for the other) and put that in the basket instead. I would have spent the same amount of money buying lots of little junky things and candy, but this way they get what they want and it will last!


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