Friday, April 13, 2012

Polka Dot Party

Okay, so I realize that I’m getting a little nostalgic taking a walk down memory lane with this birthday series.  Just to warn you, my heart was melting again looking at these old pics, so I probably posted too many.  I do also want to note that these first few parties are lacking details and epic decorations or tablescapes.  One, I cannot remember all the details, and two, I really kept them quite simple.  The star of the party was the cake and the birthday girl of course!

I hope these first few parties will at least inspire you and get your creative juices flowing as a jumping off point for your next party.  In the next few posts, I will offer more details rather than just me getting ooey gooey over my kidsSmile.  But for now, enjoy one last sappy post.

Next up is Little E’s 2nd birthday…the Polka Dot Party!

You can’t dispute the cuteness of polka dots! Am I right?


And you can’t dispute the cuteness of that smooshy little face! I can’t handle it! That little smoosh has grown so fast!  Sorry, getting sidetracked down memory lane again.

So the obvious choice of candy at a polka dot party is candy dots of course!


For the goody bags, I let the kids put polka dot stickers on white lunch bags.


You can have a lot of fun with this theme. Use anything circular…

  • use dot art paint
  • give out balls
  • make music CD favors
  • punch out circles with a big circle punch and create a garland
  • oh, bubbles, of course bubbles. We used those giant bubble wands from the dollar store.
  • bubble wrap, have a stompin good time
  • balloons of course
  • polka dot paper straws, napkins and plates

Endless options.

Okay, one last trip down memory lane because I can’t get enough of these pictures!  It feels like I’ve never seen them before!  Time flies!!


Can’t beat the feeling of new sand between your fingers and toes.


Look at her using that fork like a pro!


Too cool for words.


A party is just not a party without an umbrella drink!


Yay!  That was fun!


Now I’m done!


Two down, six to go…

…another lollipop cake, a house cake??, princess party, luau, hoedown and a mystery!

Happy Friday!



  1. Love the polka dots! She looks like a tired birthday girl! Great shot in the moment!

  2. The polka dots are fun and simple! Definitely can never go wrong with them!

  3. I love the simplicity in theme, but it is still so perfect for a little girl! Happy Birthday Little E!

  4. Off course I had to click on your link from the weekend warrior party because my name is Erin...but I LOVE that cake! The polka dot theme is adorable. Great job!


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