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Guest Post: Randee's Bakery Party

About a month ago, Erin went to a Baking Birthday Bash and I knew I had to share it in my birthday series.  They made their own pizza, decorated their own cake and took home adorable chef hats, aprons and a rolling pin!  So cute I could not even stand it.  Then there was this awesome post on such a party by  Randee at Randee's Organized Chaos.  So I thought, this party would be better explained by her.  Every detail is covered perfectly. 

So let me introduce you to Randee.  Without having met her in "real" life, I can just tell through her blog and emails that she exudes neverending energy and creativity and is super sweet.  Enjoy her fabulous Bakery Birthday Party, you won't be disappointed!

HI!!!  My name is RANDEE from 
Randee's Organized Chaos

I want to thank Kim for having me today!!  I am SOOOO excited to be here!  SQUEAL.....

Today I am sharing my daughter's baking party that we had for her 6th birthday!!  It was a BLAST!!!  It is a long post BUT worth every minute to see what kind of CHAOS I created for myself!!!

Mary-Catherine's 6th "BAKING" Party
When I started planning MC's 6th birthday party, I was at a loss! I kept thinking about the things that MC loves and she loves to cook and play around in the kitchen. Saturday mornings are her favorite mornings because she gets to get up and cook breakfast with her Daddy!! These are the moments that she will always remember and learn to cherish! SO the "BAKING" Party idea was decided and the wheels started turning!!
First I had to create an AWESOME invitation! I had just made a bunch of tissue paper pom-pom's so I started playing with that idea!
Below are the pics on the cupcake and the finished invitation!

I made the cupcakes by cutting 4x4 pieces of tissue paper! Layer them in any order that you want! Then fold accordion style and secure with a piece of floral wire! Pull each individual piece VERY gently towards then center! You will have a small flower! Fluff until you achieve the desired look you want! I then took cupcake liners (several together makes it more sturdy) and placed a dot of hot glue in the liner and place your "cupcake" down into the liner! I topped the cupcake with a small red piece of bubble gum!! WAY TOO CUTE!! I then place the "cupcakes" into small gift boxes and tied with ribbon! My friend Sarah Martin made templates for the tags and now I can make any tag I want!! HOW EXCITING!!! The tags read all of the info needed for the party! There were 3 different tags!

Now that I had created this AWESOME invitation, I had to create a party to live up to it!! I started by making an apron for each girl! I think they turned out GREAT! I made MC's different since she was the BIRTHDAY GIRL!

So after finishing the aprons....with much help from one of my best friends ever Alyne....I decided that they all needed matching t-shirts!! I KNOW, I neurosis kicked in!! They had to have shirts to make the pics look great!!! DON'T say it, I NEED HELP!! ;)

I made little flowers from left over fabric from the aprons! I just cut different size circles and layered them and sewed them together with a button for the center!!!

See pic's below!

I made garland out of the cupcake liners by stringing them together with a large string!! Be sure to tie a really big knot at the ends!! JUST FYI....not that I would have any reason to stress this point!! ;)

Every girl had their own tray that had spoons, spatulas, and a rolling pin!! I made the rolling pins by cutting up dowel rods! The girls had their own cookie dough and on the table I had "mixums" for them to choose from! I had different candies, oatmeal, nuts and marshmallows! They had a blast mixing everything and then cutting out their cookies with cookie cutters!

I will have to say that the ICING was the HIT of the PARTY!!

I found the trays, spoons and spatulas at Dollar Tree

I hope that you enjoyed this party as much as we did!!  It was a LOT of work but worth every HUG, GIGGLE and SMILE from my baby girl!!  ;)
I would LOVE for you to come visit me!!  I can also be found on FB or Pinterest

Seriously, how adorable is that party???!!!!  Those invitations are just so clever and cute too!  Randee, thanks so much for sharing your awesome party!  Be sure to stop by her blog for some other fabulous and creative ideas!

Happy Monday!


  1. THANK you for the wonderful comments!!! ;)

  2. What an adorable party! The aprons are so adorable! And I love the photos of the girls with their chef hats!

  3. So cute! Am looking for ideas for my daughter's 4th bday party! Way cute!

  4. Hi Kim, just stopping by to say how delightful you blog is and also to let you know that I am now following you. Please pop on over to my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me too. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  5. That looks like so much fun! I just might incorporate some of your ideas into my daughters hs graduation next year . She wants to be a pastry chef.

  6. Love this party idea, great job!!


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