Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Luau!

This is one of my favorites.  I love this theme and would do it over and over for kids or adults!  Lots of good eye candy at this party.

One of my favorite details for this party was the invitation.  We did a message in a bottle and stuck them in everyone’s cubby at school.  They turned out so cute and wouldn’t you know I didn’t take a picture!  I will recreate the invitation and post it on another day (no time today).  I just used water bottles, sand, shells, twine and the invitation.

Message In a Bottle Invitation

Picture to come in another post. 


We simply bought a beach Barbie already in a bathing suit and stuck her in the hula skirt cake.  This Barbie even came with the dolphin.

barbie luau dolphin cupcakes


luau barbie

We decorated cupcakes with crushed graham crackers for sand and blue icing for water and embellished them with umbrellas, palm trees, toy sharks and sugar tiki heads, flip flops and surf boards.

palm tree cupcakes


umbrella cupcakes

We used toothpicks and skewers to add to the Luau vibe – colorful fruit, cut the top off the pineapple and used it as décor on the platter and the base of the pineapple to hold grape kabobs.

luau food table

The Craft

  • decorated foam frames with foam beach inspired stickers
  • I stuck magnets on the back and we took a group pic of the kids in their beachcomber hats to insert into the frame.

luau craft frames


  • Limbo
  • Hot “Coconut” (don’t use a real coconut, it might give someone a fat lip…not that I know anything about thatSmile)
  • Drop the Pencil
  • Treasure Hunt Sand Box
    • After each child gave his/her gift to Erin, they walked over to a plastic bin filled with sand, shells, balls, bracelets, rings and other treasures
    • They also received their frame back with the group picture to put in their goody “bucket”

erin treasure hunt sand

Goody Buckets

  • Decorated framed group picture
  • Treasures from the sandbox
  • The sand bucket and shovel itself
  • A beachcomber hat (didn’t fit in bucket of course)
  • A lei

sand bucket goody bag (2)

luau erin

Up next, this little hula girl turns cowgirl!


  1. LOVE this Kim! I Pinned it!!! & G+ it! ADORABLE!!!!

  2. Super cute, Kim! Makes me want to catch the next flight to Hawaii!!! :-)

  3. I'm loving all of your parties!! With my oldest in kindergarten there have been A LOT of $$$ parties at different venues around town. Whatever happened to great parties at home like yours?? Great job!

  4. Looks like a fabulous party!

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  5. Seriously why is your kitchen always spotless - i mean I know you are having a party but still.....great ideas and oh boy Erin is a beauty!! love the last pix.

  6. Extremely cute! I just loooooooooooove it

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