Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lollipop Cake

I mentioned in my last post that I was going to share some birthday fun since this month is my daughter’s birthday.  So I thought I’d start with her very first birthday to kick it off!  I was in love with this cake that I found from one of Martha Stewart’s magazines way back when.  It is even easy enough for someone like me to make.  But of course, I prefer to delegate such tasks to the master of bakery in my family, my sister Jackie.


I still love that cake.  Just adorable. 


My sis made her very own mini version for the traditional first birthday cake dive!


Funny thing is that Erin actually sucked on the suckers more than anything.


Look, she’s double fisting the suckers!


Look how smooshy they are.  I just want to squeeze ‘em up!!


Oh, here we go, finally going for the cake…


I think she decided the cake wasn’t bad either.  Look at that smile!


Looking through these old pictures just makes me want to jump in a picture so I can hold my little babies again!!  Oh, I just want to eat her up!  This birthday series is getting me a bit ooey and gooey inside.

Up next, polka dots!

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  1. How adorable! Both cake and your daughter! I don't blame you one bit for getting all "ooey & gooey" inside! My youngest will be a year in June and I can't believe how fast it all goes. My oldest starts school this year and I know from this point on it's gonna fly! ugh, those crazy little old ladies that told us time was going to fly by...they were so right! Can't wait to see the polka dots! :)


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