Saturday, December 1, 2012

Craving Simplicity

Ever since Halloween, I couldn’t wait to get all the stuff down and just keep things around me simple.  I found it such a relief to have only a few hints of Thanksgiving moments around my house.  I felt more focused on just being thankful, rather than rushing around to make a cute little bunting sign to hang across my mantel or something else I might have pinned.  Such a relief.

And now that the Christmas season has begun, I’m still craving that simplicity.  Right now, it could be simply because I’ve just come off a two week whirlwind that had me in high anxiety mode.  Traveling, hospitals, Thanksgiving, birthdays, Christmas tree cutting, oh my.  Lots going on all at once.

I’m longing to devour the meaning of Christmas and embrace family moments.  I want to go back to my roots and do things I remember from my childhood.  That’s not to say I won’t be incorporating a couple new things, but I’m happy to keep things on the simple side this year.

Yesterday, I was super excited to add just a few simple touches around the house that infused some Christmas. 


I haven’t even brought up my big rubber bins of stuff and I already feel like my house is done.  It’s really refreshing.  Tonight we’ll be decorating the Christmas tree with my mom and my dad and the big rubber bins will be coming up.  I guess that could change everything and I might go hog wild.  But right now, I’m happy with a few simple moments.


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