Monday, December 3, 2012

{rerun} Disassembled Snowman Snack

I think I’m declaring this week rerun week.  If you are looking for winter party ideas or just some fun stuff to do with the kids, you may want to try this Disassembled Snowman Party my co-room mom and I did last year.  It was a long post, so this time around, I’ll break it down into snack, craft and teacher gift separately.  This snack is too easy and hits all the marks - sweet, salty and healthy.

The Disassembled Snowman Snack

  • Carrot Noses
  • Melted Snow (Ranch dip)
  • Coal Eyes & Mouth (mini Oreos)
  • Stick Arms (mini pretzel sticks)
  • Hats (crackers with cheese cube stuck on top with squeeze cheese, could also do with fudge cookie and smaller cookie on top, but we needed to balance the sweet and salty)
  • Snowballs (powdered doughnut holes)
  • Juice and water (we were going to do hot chocolate, but logistically, juice and water were easier)
  • Optional, but cute – signs for the snowman’s parts

I used a dispenser for the water, rather than water bottles to give kids the choice between juice or water. My jug looked too much like summer, so I wrapped it with a white towel and cut out foam shapes for the face of a snowman and added a hat I had from a snowman kit.

This year, our school is doing a school wide type of party.  Each class will sing holiday songs in the halls, then have milk and cookies while watching Polar Express in their pajamas.  I have to be honest, I welcome the simplicity of it.  No pressure to think up a cute craft or game and I’m sure the kids will be happy to lounge around in their pajamas watching a movie.   And simple seems to be my state of mind this year.

In the next post, I’ll share the water bottle snowman craft we did with the kids last year.

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