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{rerun} Water Bottle Snowman Craft

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Water Bottle SnowmAn Craft


  • brown pipe cleaners
  • black and orange beads
  • glue dots
  • cotton balls
  • black paint
  • black construction paper
  • 2 inch hole punch and/or scissors
  • garland or ribbon for a scarf

We were working on limited time and with a group of kindergartners, so I did a bit of prep work. I painted the lids black and tied on the scarves.

For the arms, I cut one pipe cleaner in half, then folded each piece in half and twisted it around itself until I had a "y" shape.  Then I used a razor to create slits on each side of the water bottle to insert the arms.

I used glue dots to stick the beads on strips for each child. This way there was no glue mess or dry time time to contend with. It was also helpful because it provided each child the amount of beads they needed without beads rolling around everywhere.

I also pre-packaged sandwich bags with 10 cotton balls each because you know they would stuff that water bottle with as many cotton balls as they could if given the option:).

The rims of the hats were two inch circles of black construction paper with a hole the size of the cap in the center so it could be slipped right on top. (I used my two inch hole punch, then traced the cap in the center, then cut out centers.)

We had a volunteer to lead the craft at each table, so I gave each volunteer a grocery bag with all the supplies needed for that table. It was a lot easier to have a person at each table teaching six kids, rather than one person trying to keep the attention of all 24 kids at once. I will definitely do that again!

Sandwich bag with 6 bead strips and 6 hat rims ready to go
in a grocery bag with the other supplies.

When the kids got their supplies, they just needed to stuff the water bottle with cotton balls, slide the hat rim on and create a face with the beads.

To avoid snowman mix ups, we gave each child a white lunch bag to decorate with a snowman face and their names. That way they could pop their little snowmen in the bag for a safe ride home. Added bonus: if any body parts fell off, they would fall into the bag for repair when it got home.

I also made glitter and peppermint scented play dough as a back up in case we had extra time. But the snack and craft were just enough. You could also make snowmen out of the play dough with the same supplies.

Happy Crafting!


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