Monday, December 17, 2012

taking a moment

Today I found myself staring at my kids desperately trying to memorize their faces and every move.  Memorize the feel of their hugs knowing that life can be taken at any given moment.  I felt tears welling up as I walked away from the bus.  I found comfort that I got to keep my youngest home (sick) just because I would have him nearby.

I’m praying so hard for those directly effected by the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary. 

I’m praying so hard for anyone suffering a loss, pain or illness.  For the children around the world that live in fear and battle zones on a daily basis.  For the children who dread Christmas vacation because the only meals they receive are at school.  For those trying to figure out where the next paycheck will come from, finding a way to make the best life for their family.  For those fighting demons inside, may they find the help they need.

For anyone that has lost the joy of the season because it will now serve as a constant reminder of loss and pain.  I pray that you will find comfort and peace and someday joy once again.

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