Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Fun Way to Give the Gift of Money

I think it’s safe to say that the gift of money is always appreciated no matter how it’s presented.  Now that the kids in my life are getting older, gift giving is getting harder.  So this year, for my niece and nephew all the way in Texas, money it is!  And for a kid, receiving money is exciting all by itself, but I wanted to add an element of fun.  So I turned to Pinterest for an idea. 


Can you guess what I put the money in…


…to save for a rainy day…


Yep, an umbrella!  I found this idea at The Seasonal Home.  She hung each dollar separately and it looked so cute.  But since I was mailing it, I opted to send a check in case something happened to the package along the way.

To keep the fun feeling of money showering down, I tied blue, curly ribbons to the spokes with one holding a cellophane bag with the check in it.





I really didn’t want to spend much on the umbrellas and luckily found some in Target’s dollar section for $3.  I wrapped them up like a piece of candy. 

On my nephew’s package, I used a patterned tape to liven up the kraft paper.  It’s actually not washi tape.  It’s Scotch brand masking tape. I stumbled across it by the duct tape at Target. Super cute!


And I love that bubble wrap envelopes now have these fun designs to make it feel more festive.


Another option I considered, was to put the money in plastic eggs as their “nest egg”.  There are so many fun options. 

Check out my Gift of Money Pinterest board for more ideas.

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