Monday, March 18, 2013

Crate of Crayons

Looking for the right color of crayon was like looking for a needle in a haystack at our house.  The old system was a scattered pile of crayons in a plastic shoebox.  Easy storage, yes.  User friendly, no.

About a year ago, I tucked away an idea I saw on Little Lucy Lu and was reminded of it when I saw a similar post at A Thoughtful Place.  Color coordinated cups of crayons.  Why didn’t I think of that?!  My son’s first grade teacher has a system like this in her classroom too.  So smart.

My quest to reclaim the plastic shoeboxes for my closet, inspired me to finally tackle this little project. That’s how I ended up organizing my washi tape too.  Who knew those shoeboxes would sprout so many other projects?

For my version, I recycled a clementine crate, covered it with contact paper and used 4 oz. mason jars. 


This little clementine crate went from this…


…to this.


One side says, “dream in color” and the other…


…“color your world.”



It was kind of therapeutic to sit there and color coordinate the crayons.  My husband and I were laughing because there we were, sitting in chaos, but I was spending my time on the very important task of color coordinating crayons.  But hey, even the smallest organization projects are a step in the right direction.


Bonus, it was another purging moment.  Sent this gallon-sized bag of crayons to my son’s classroom.  We might have had a bit too many crayons… Smile



  1. Oh, that makes me want little ones with a bunch of unorganized crayons! :) Such a fun idea!

  2. such a cute idea! Looking forward to following you! Thanks for your support.
    xo Nancy


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