Friday, May 31, 2013

{front porch art} From Scrap Wood to Chalkboard

The last project for my little front porch makeover was to add artwork to the open space next to the front door.  A chalkboard seemed like the perfect option.  Love that it can be changed with every season.

I wanted something tall to fill the space, but really didn’t want to shell out the cash for it.  I peeked around some stores just to see.  Then a light bulb went off and I remembered we had some scrap wood in the basement.  You can’t beat that price!  And this project is so easy, a kid can do it.  In fact mine did!  Every time she sees me painting something, she asks to help.  This was the perfect opp to let her have at it.  Can’t really mess it up.


I was going to tape it off to create a frame effect, but my laziness won this battle along with the fact I wanted more writing space on the board.  I decided to paint the edge in a green-blue to give a pop of fun and to tie it in with the rug that’s under the confetti dot table.  There’s a chance I may add a little gold banding with my Sharpie, but I’m going to live with it for a bit first.


From scrap wood…


…to chalkboard fun.


I’m lovin’ it!


I’m just about ready to give you the full picture of the porch.  First, I need to paint some more wonky stripes on my other pot.  The wonky striped pot won hands down!

I am diggin’ this porch!  You can be sure to find me hanging here this summer!

Have a fantastic weekend!

- Kim

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