Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Pink Flamingo Happy Hour

So I’ve been sick over the last few days and yes, that means on Mother’s Day too.  But to be honest, it was actually one of my favorite yet.  Anyhow, while vegging out on the couch, I watched an HGTV marathon of Curb Appeal the Block.  There were tons of fabulous transformations, but the thing that stuck with me most was a pink flamingo.

One of the neighborhoods had a tradition of sticking a pink flamingo in their front yard as a sign to neighbors to come over for Happy Hour.  How fun is that?!

This was one of those, “I’ve got to do this!” moments.  I told my neighbor about it and she was with me.  So we went on the quest for the pink flamingo. 



I kind of love these guys.

Our hopes are to make this ultra easy and ultra doable so the host doesn’t feel overwhelmed to get ready for it.  More just come as you are, bring you own whatever and pop a squat for a few hours.  Can’t wait to have our first Pink Flamingo Happy Hour!

To my real life neighbors, if you see a pink flamingo in my lawn, it’s an open invitation for Happy Hour! We live in a sub, so we’ll actually have to send out a text or email to get the word out, but still fun, right?!

Anybody else out there do a pink flamingo happy hour?  Block party?  Backyard movie night?  Would love to hear about any other fun neighborhood ideas out there for summer!



  1. Cute idea! I've seen them on people's lawns before but thought i didn't mean anything.. We have a block party every year which is fun and some of us in the neighborhood get together for a Mystery dinner once a month.

  2. I love this idea Kim, I knew someone who did it in their neighborhood a few years ago, but I'd forgotten about it. Definitely on my list for summer!


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