Monday, June 10, 2013

Simple Golf Themed Birthday Cake + Decor

I’m on the brink of having a teenager, folks.  One more year.  We just celebrated my son’s 12th birthday this weekend.  Sticking with my quest to simplify, I used stuff right from our house to decorate.

A bucket of balls and bamboo skewer with a paper flag became a simple centerpiece on the kitchen table.


They were flanked by these donut hole “golf ball” bouquets.  I was going to stick them in real grass, but decided to go with what I had and cut up some green paper for the grass.


My other plan was to use the green apple licorice as the grass with the donut holes, but they were too short.  So we had green apple “grass” in a smaller Ball jar instead.


We used under eye sport stickers like football players use as our cup labels.  Another clever idea from my sister.



For the cake, I used a golf tee, a golf ball dabbed with a bit of frosting so it didn’t roll off the tee (cause it did at first), and a bamboo skewer with a paper flag marked with a 12 for his age.  Oh, and be careful of that paper flag…ours caught on fire for a second when my son blew out his candles.


And I tried to get fancy with my frosting skills.  Ha.  Cannot frost a cake to save my life.


Secret…those powdered donut bouquets are the same two that were on the kitchen table.  I just moved them for their photo-shoot debut. 


Originally, we were going to go with food that was inspired by golf lingo like “club” sandwiches, “chips”, watermelon “wedge” or “slice”, Arnold Palmer drinks.  So many fun play on words you could do.  But in the end, my son wanted pizza from a pizza joint that we rarely go to.  In fact, he asked for it every day that week, but we vetoed that idea.

We kept our little party nice and simple.  The kids hit some golf balls in the backyard and just messed around with the Pocket Hose we gave our son.  Yes, he asked for the infomercial Pocket Hose.

If you want more golf inspired ideas, I gathered up some inspiration on my Golf Party Pinterest board.  There are tons of fabulous ideas out there to fit your party needs.

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