Monday, February 20, 2012

40 Bags in 40 Days

If you've already fallen off your New Year's Resolution to get organized, I've got just the idea to get you back on track!  I stumbled across the concept of the 40 bags in 40 days challenge on Pinterest, which led me to the fun and fabulous Bec over at Little Lucy Lu.  And I'm so glad it did. 

When you visit Bec at Little Lucy Lu you will be greeted by her bubbly and candid personality, along with some great ideas. So fun.  I've only just recently met Bec through blogland, but she is truly sweet and has been so helpful to me on my blogging adventure!  Make sure to check out Little Lucy Lu, especially her laundry room and craft room - good stuff!!

So on to the 40 Bags 40 Days concept.  The concept is to fill a bag every day for 40 days to purge your house (good timing with Lent coming up this week).  It will be such a relief to clear the clutter!!  I cannot wait to get started.  In fact, I got a jump start this weekend in the kids' playroom!  I was in the cleaning groove, so I had to go with it!  Ended up with a grocery bag of trash, half a bag of paper to be recycled and a huge bin of toys to be donated!  Depending on the space, I'm sure I will have bags as big as garbage bags and bags as small as  grocery bags, but a bag none-the-less.  So are you with me?  Let's get a purging!!  Here's my list of 40 bags...could change of course, but this is what I'm thinking....

  1. Laundry Room
  2. Cubbies
  3. Half bath vanity
  4. Craft/gift closet
  5. Hall cleaning closet
  6. Coat closet
  7. Living room side of Playroom
  8. Dining room side of Playroom
  9. Lower craft cupboards
  10. Upper craft cupboards
  11. Craft drawers
  12. Junk drawer by sink
  13. Upper cupboard to right of sink
  14. Pantry
  15. Refrigerator
  16. Spare room closet - that may take a week to go through and give me about 10 bags
  17. Kid's bathroom closet
  18. Erin's closet
  19. Jake's closet
  20. Kyle's closet
  21. Master closet
  22. Erin's shelves
  23. Old DVD's
  24. Master bath vanity
  25. Basement shelves - don't even want to go there
  26. Car
  27. Purse
  28. Nightstand
  29. Magazine bin
  30. Office - desk
  31. Office - shelf 1
  32. Office - shelf 2
  33. Box that's been sitting in my office I think since we moved in.
  34. Box 2, same thing.
  35. Box my mom brought over from her house
  36. The other box my mom brought over from her house
  37. Hand me down bags
  38. Table in the basement
  39. Trunk in the family room
  40. Bins in playroom
Honestly, I don't know if 40 days is enough for my house, but it's probably all I can take.  Boy, the Salvation Army is going to love me when I show up with 40 bags!

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  1. I love this idea. We moved less than a year ago so that rally helped with purging, but I'm pretty sure I have 40 bags just of kid stuff to get rid of. Thanks for the idea, I'm a new follower from the Mommy Blog Hop.


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