Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

I can't believe it's your 79th birthday today.  You have had many adventures, challenges and good times throughout your life!  Alzheimer's may slowly steal away your memory, but know this, we will never let you forget how much you are loved and how special you are.

Here are a few of my favorite things about you... sweet you are with kids. when you love something, you've got to share it with everybody. much you enjoy music and a good show. a good sports game, any sport, gets you so excited. you appreciate a good joke and a good laugh.
...when you get that twinkle in your eye and smirk on your face when you tell a joke. you are always ready to lend a hand, even if you really shouldn't:). you've always supported us. you tell us how awesome we are. Who do you think we learned it from? you taught me through your actions to help others with open arms and generosity. you make everyone you meet feel special and loved. you would visit people (sometimes people you barely knew) in the hospital so they felt loved and cared for.
...I love that you are the cookie man.  I can't tell you how many times I heard someone say, "When I was in the hospital, your dad stopped by with a box of cookies."  It was your trademark.  I would always giggle about it, but also be beaming inside because of how your thoughtfulness touched so many people.

I love how everyone remembers and loves you because of who you are.
...a friend, a husband, a cousin, a support system, a lending hand and most importantly...

You are my Dad and I am so proud of that.

Never forget that YOU are awesome and we all just love ya!
And as you would say, God Bless Ya!
I love you, Dad!
Happy Birthday!


  1. How sweet... happy birthday, Kim's Dad!

  2. Happy Birthday, Mr. Mullen!!! What a wonderful description of your Dad! He is a beautiful man, here is a "Honk Honk" to Big Bob!!! God Bless Ya!!!


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