Thursday, February 2, 2012

FAMILY LOVE: My Gallery Wall

Yes, February is the month of love, so I thought I'd share some things I love.  To kick it off, I'll start with my family of course!  No, I'm not going to do an intro of all my family members, I'm just going to show you one way I express my love for them.  In our playroom and family room I have gallery walls of these crazy people I call family. 

Here's how I went about it.  I was inspired a few years ago by a large "M" on my friend's wall (Cherie, you were ahead of the trend.) and knew I had to copy that!  So I used the large letter "B" as my key inspiration and one of the main anchors of the wall.

I also wanted a mix of typography and inspirational words incorporated.

These press letters were my hubby's grandparents.
I thought they were cool, so I framed them in a shadowbox.

So after I figured out my key pieces, I laid everything out on my floor with the largest picture in the middle as my starting point and the "B" anchoring one end.   I Played around a bit to get a good balance of photos and typography, then started pounding nails into the wall.  Actually my husband did the nailing.  That's what we do.  I get a vision and he helps make it a reality.  He's good stuff.  I like him.

This is called strategic photography to give the illusion that my house is nice and neat.
Some other day I will zoom out when it is actually cleaned up.

In my family room, I simply displayed large headshots of my kids straight across.
Easy peasy and a big impact.

More strategic photography. Yep, my house is a mad mess right now.

Somewhere in the near future, I hope to make these walls the kids' art gallery wall.
But that's another post someday soon, I hope...

Not really doing their artwork justice.

Blank wall with poster I thought was kinda cool, not working so much.

More blank walls.  Time to kick it up a notch!

If you are a home design junkie like me,
come back tomorrow to hear about a good read
packed with great design info and eye candy.



  1. Love the press letters. (And the yellow pillows!)


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