Friday, February 24, 2012

Accidental Home Updates

Some of my home updates are a direct result of some kind of mishap at my house. And the person connected to the story is usually my youngest little guy. About two years ago, he decided to use the bathroom cabinet door as a step stool. BOOM! Child on the floor, cabinet door hanging by a thread and wood shredded. The vanity is old so it was not worth trying to replace the door. The best thing I could do without buying a whole new vanity was to take off all the doors. So that was the accidental "update" to the kids' bathroom vanity.

The surviving doors were sent to the basement awaiting their new life because I had an idea. Of course it took me two years to get to it, but that's the story of my life. Two years ago, I thought my idea was so original and clever, then I came to discover a million other people in blogland are just as clever as I am. Maybe it was original two years agoSmile.  So the idea was to make the doors into display boards, a revolving clipboard to showcase my kids' special achievements.

The refrigerator was the home for this until we got our stainless steel fridge - not magnetic. Part of me was glad because it became a clutter collector as every surface in my house does. So I moved it all to my garage entry door which turned into the new clutter collector.

Since I'm on the quest to cut the clutter, it was time to bring the doors up from the basement and tackle this project. Besides time and laziness, it takes me a while to do the projects I dream up because of my inability to decide among the endless ideas flying around in my head. Here are some of the ideas that were monopolizing my brain:
  1. Do I make it a chalkboard, cork board or magnetic board?
  2. Do I paint the frame a color or leave it white?
  3. Do I put them on the playroom wall, the garage entry wall or the laundry room wall?
  4. Do I put permanent artwork in it?
  5. Or do I go a completely different route and use the doors as molding on my flat front island instead?
My Original Plan:
Use metal flashing from the hardware store for the inset part of the door, paint it with a pop of color and hang it by the garage entry. Then I went to the hardware store only to find out that the metal flashing  was $20-$24 per sheet... and I needed three! I was looking to make this a very low cost trash to treasure project, so I changed my plan.
New Plan:
  • Feed my obsession for all things chevron and zigzag by painting the boards a zigzag pattern.
  • Glue clip on board.
  • Hang boards on the wall by the hinges already on the doors.
So now that I've shared all that, I have to leave you hanging because I haven't finished the boards yet.  I mentioned in one of my earlier posts that part of the reason I started blogging was to hold myself accountable.  That is exactly why I posted this, to make me actually check this off my To Do List!  Can’t wait to show you how it turns out!

Happy Friday!



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