Thursday, October 10, 2013

One Room Challenge Week 2: Painting, Purging, Prepping

Hello again!  Thanks for checking in!  Before I could get going on this room, I used it as an opportunity to purge.  First, I needed to clear out the playroom stuff and put it back in the playroom now that the floors are done. 

Once I cleared some stuff away, I started prepping and planning for the gallery wall.  That is the thing that’s got me the most stressed I think.  Arranging and rearranging to create the right flow and mix of sizes and colors.  Some pieces need to be framed, so there is still much to do in figuring out that wall.

gallery wall prep - plumberry pie

I also started researching bamboo shade options.  I grabbed these from Lowes.  They’re the direction I want to take, but I wish the coloring was a bit warmer.  It’s a tad too yellow.  This picture is actually reading better than real life, so maybe it will be okay.  I’m painting this door black and moldings white.  That may help too.  Another possible option might be to do a light stain wash over it, but I’d rather not.  So I’m keeping my eyes open.

bamboo shade from Lowes - plumberry pie

And this is sort of cheating.  When I was painting a table for the playroom, I painted this console table for the family room weeks before the ORC.  It used to look like this.


There are brass campaign style corners that I still need to clean up and pop back on.  I love the impact it makes in the room already.

table makeover and fall decor - plumberry pie

I was so excited about the change, I styled it up with fall accents from my friend mother nature.  She always has the best stuff!

fall vignette with natural elements - plumberry pie

feathers in a cloche - plumberry pie

natural fall vignette - plumberry pie

That’s about it for now.  Hoping to get more painting done this week…walls and/or bookcases and maybe a garden stool.

To see the spaces that inspired the changes in this room, check out Week One of the ORC here.


  1. Looking Good, I love the table and how it's styled.

  2. I love the table makeover. I am venturing into repainting/refinishing old furniture within my house and appreciate any skill involved in this undertaking. Mother Nature has been good to you :)

  3. My Mother Nature is not so giving!! I love how you styled "fall" without pumpkins!! The console!! xo

  4. Love the fall accents. I bought shades from Lowe's, too. The console looks so much better white.

  5. The table looks perfect in there, I love the brass details (to come)! Gallery walls always take me forever, I lay it all out, and change it once I see it on the wall!

  6. Oh baby! I love a good gallery wall! Can't wait to see it!

  7. Love the vignette you made already and that gallery wall is looking pretty!

  8. Okay I am already excited at where you are going with this! The white table looks great against the leather, and your bounty from nature has the perfect colors for this room! I like the bit of blue too, it gives the room balance to all the warmth from the brown leather. So pretty together.

  9. Loving the console painted white. Can't wait to see the gallery wall mounted!


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