Thursday, October 24, 2013

One Room Challenge Week 4: Bookcases + End Table

Hello there!  Thanks for stopping in today!  So glad you’re here!  If you’ve missed the first three weeks, you can find them below.

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Okay, so this week I decided to tackle the bookcases.  It was just what I needed to keep me going.  Seeing them transform and seeing how they transformed the space has given me back some mojo.  These guys are making me happy!

bookcases in process

Just look at the difference painting the bookcases makes on the room.  Before….

brown table

…after-ish (in progress).  Sooo much better!  Of course my second grader doesn’t agree, but that is to be expected.  And my 7th grader gasped and had to make sure that I wasn’t actually leaving the bookcases right in front of the fireplace.  In good, old-fashioned, middle school tone of voice, “you’re not leaving them here, are you, mom?!!”

pops of accessories against dark backin on bookcase

On Monday, I mentioned that I was having trouble deciding on what to do with this end table.  With some validation from my friend Jennifer at Dimples & Tangles, I finally decided on painting it in the family of blue/teal/turquoise as my definite game plan.  And then…I stumbled upon this brass table at Home Goods the very same day (and that awesome fuzzy blanket). 

brass table

Also found this other heavenly, soft, blanket bliss!

gray fuzzy blanket

Okay, back to the table situation.  I like how the table picks up on the brass details on the console table.

brass detail on table linking to brass table

It is still very tone on tone, borderline blending into the brown couch, but I think the metallic quality and it’s interesting pattern and shape make it work. 

corner view of couches with table

room view with brass table

Or am I just trying to convince myself it works because I really DON’T want to paint another thing?  I would love your thoughts…paint existing table or go with the new one?  Whatcha think?

Paint this one…

brown table

…or keep this one?

room view with brass table

In the next couple weeks, I need to get the bamboo blinds up/find ones I like, install the gallery wall and finish unfinished projects like painting trim work.  And this lamp is getting a little facelift.  It may get an upgrade from its gold duct tape hat to a nice black one.  We’ll see.

lamp before

There are a couple items that probably won’t fall within the 6 week challenge - the rug situation and slipcovering the chair.  I want to get things done, but don’t want to settle on something I’m not sure on just to get it done either.

Make sure to stop by Linda’s to see the 20 bloggers doing the Official ORC and the participants (like me) playing along in the Link Up ORC.

Thanks again for stopping by.  See you next week for the another update!

Have a great weekend!

- Kim


  1. looking good -- coming along! love the side table!

  2. PAINT PAINT PAINT!! (says the crazy woman who is painting every single surface in her room makeover.)

    See how much better the cabinets are? You can get that with the table too.. lighter and brighter!!

  3. If I needed my kids to like what I did around here, nothing would get done. My daughter just tole me my new pillows look "grandma-ish". I am not just saying this, I like the brass with your brass brackets, too. Use the new table. Yes, those bookcases look so much better. I want to cuddle under that throw when winter hits.

  4. Too funny- I think you just found the side table to the coffee table I posted about on my blog! I love it!!! Great job!

  5. Oh, Kim, I saw that table at HG, it is beautiful!! It's such a nice size too, Your bookcases are looking great!

  6. Such a gorgeous room!! The brass table is to die amazing find!

  7. Kim, I LOOOOVE the new table….I vote to keep it!! The metallic element is great in the room. Love the bookcases too, and I can totally hear that tone of voice about whether they're staying in front of the fireplace…I know it all too well! :)

  8. I love the new table Kim, so I would Keep it! Great job on the book case!

  9. Love the table, and paint to the rescue again!

  10. I absolutely LOVE the new table. My vote is to definitely keep it!!! And, the coat of paint definitely gives new life to the bookcase.

  11. I think the brass table looks much more interesting than the old table, painted or not. You can add contrast with accessories, maybe a throw over the arm of the couch.

  12. No more painted pieces. Saw that table at MY Homegoods, too and it looks perfect in the room.


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