Thursday, October 3, 2013

One Room Challenge: Week One, Which Room?

So yeah, I decided to take the challenge to complete a room in six weeks even though I haven’t even finished the playroom which I started about two years ago.  Funny, huh?  Anyhow, on to the chosen room for the challenge….drumroll please…..

The Family Room

full room

This room is long overdue.  It’s had five different paint colors on it for at least a year waiting for me to make a decision and find the time to repaint it.  Yup, I’m good like that.  I wrote about a family room refresh way back here and went over some of my issues with it.  Here’s the gist of it…

BROWN – lots of it!  Needs to be broken up.  Really that’s the main issue that will be the driving force behind all the changes.

right angle

The Plan of Attack

  • Lots of painting!


 Some Inspiration

One of Emily Henderson’s favorite grays will replace the baby blue walls.

Hoping my TV wall will look something like Emily Clark’s awesomeness…if I’m lucky.


Want to lighten things up by painting the existing bookcases white with a dark back like Jennifer’s.  Absolutely love this look!

{via Dimples & Tangles}

And on my to do list for a while now is to add a long time favorite of mine – the layered bamboo and curtain treatment like Lauren Liess.

{via Lauren Liess DC Design House Hideaway}

To see what else has inspired me, check out my Family Room Refresh Pinterest board.

Wish me luck!!  Hopefully I’ll have something to show for it on the reveal day November 7th.  Be back every Thursday with updates on my progress.  Here goes nothin!

Make sure to stop by Linda’s at Calling it Home to check out who else is taking the ORC!

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  1. What a great space that is Kim, I can totally picture it with your inspiration pics! So fun you're joining in, it's great to motivation keep focused! :)

  2. Can't wait to see how you transform this space! Love that last inspiration picture!

  3. I love all the ideas/inspiration you have planned for your family room! can't wait to see it!
    glad you linked up and saw your space!

  4. Loving your inspiration pics and can't wait to see how it comes together!

  5. Loving your insertion pics! Can't wait to see more!!

  6. Kim, this will be great and I do think you can achieve some of those looks. Thanks for joining in and good luck. BTW, let the kids finish decorating the play room. I bet they would love that.

  7. Super inspirational choices. I used Gray Owl in my daughters' bathroom and one of their bedrooms, its a great color. Looking forward to seeing the progression of your room.

  8. What a thrill to be sandwiched between two of my favorite designers! Thanks for including me, Kim. I'm in love with Emily's wall, too. Looking forward to seeing your room come together!

  9. Loving your inspirations Kim! I think your headed towards a fabulous direction! Can't wait to see how your room will turn out!

  10. Kim--thanks for using my gallery wall photo as inspiration. I'm flattered and can't wait to watch this room come together!

  11. I am totally jumping on this bandwagon!!!! I had no idea it was going on, and I can't wait to see what you are going to do!

  12. oh you so got this! i love those brown leather sofas. they are the perfect worn beautiful look that people kill for. what a great foundation. and lauren liess's look with those will be GREAT

  13. Kim I love the space you are working on, so pretty to begin with! I also have a lot of brown I am trying to break up in my house and look forward to seeing where this takes you!


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