Monday, October 21, 2013

Thinking Out Loud: Random Happy + Your Help

Do you have those random moments when something as simple as a bowl of tomatoes can make you happy inside?  Every time I walk by this bowl full of green tomatoes, I get that random happy feeling.  Don’t know what it is…the shade of green, the fact it came from our garden.  Just random happy.

green tomatoes

And my daughter keeps poking happy moments in there for me by revisiting things I loved when I was a girl.  I’m not even sure how my daughter heard of Annie, but ever since, she’s been bugging me to watch it.  A few years ago, I bought the movie for $5 at Target knowing I’d want to watch it with my daughter one day.  Well, that one day was this Saturday.  My husband was on a Cub Scout campout with my youngest and my oldest was intently focused on the Notre Dame game, so Little E and I took that golden moment to watch it.  I forgot how much I loved  Those songs just make you happy.  We couldn’t help but tap our feet around, stand up and dance a little.  Good stuff! 


What’s not making me happy is that round, brown table.  I can’t for the life of me figure out what color to paint it.  I was going to strip it down to its bare wood, but don’t have the patience in me to strip the fluted legs and curves.  I’m lazy like that.  I need new eyes and ideas from you.  I’ve been staring at it too long.  Some options…white, but the console right next to it is white and the two bookcases will be white (bookcases will be in the corners flanking the fireplace).  A tuquoise-ish color or good old black….maybe coral.  Or something totally different?  What do you think? 

brown table

Also, still undecided on the rug. Is it too much to have black and white striped with the pattern on the windows and pillows? (those curtains will be longer by the way).  Been thinking about a blue rug instead, but hate to tie myself to a color that can’t easily be changed for little money.  All right friends, I’m open to your awesome ideas!  Throw them at me.

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  1. Oh, I love Annie, too! However, watching it as an adult I was surprised at some of the things I didn't notice as a kid...drunk Miss Hannigan! We had to skip through a few parts the last time I watched it with my kids! I was thinking maybe blue on your table-pick up some of the color from that pillow on your sofa. Color made all the difference when I was working with a brown table and my brown leather furniture!


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