Friday, October 25, 2013

Five Ways to Make your House your Home

There are some things I’ve learned along the way of trying to create a space that fits our family.  Often times, I think we fall into the trap of “what it’s suppose to be” or “what others will think”.  Here are a few things to keep in mind on your journey to creating a home just right for you and your family.

  1. Break some rules.  Really I think this is the biggest thing to remember.  Just because it’s suppose to be a formal dining room and living room, doesn’t mean it has to be one.  If your family doesn’t do formal, then turn it into a space that is more usable for your family.  We decided, rather than create a space that looks pretty, but gets no use, we turned our formal dining room and living room into the least formal rooms of all – the playroom / craft room / homework room.  It serves our family better this way.  And an added bonus is that the table we set up in the craft room/homework room can double as an extra dining table for parties and holidays.  Also, think outside the box of what an item is typically used for.  A shower curtain can be so much more than a shower curtain.  It can be new drapes or fabric for a new pillow or hidden toy storage.hidden toy storage - plumberry pie
  2. Take a risk.  Don’t be afraid to just try something.  Sometimes it won’t work out, but many times you’ll find it was worth the risk.  There were definitely a bunch of doubters when I said I wanted to pull out the carpet and paint the subfloor.  Now that I’ve finally done it, I am so happy I did.  And the doubters became believers.  And of course, I’m not talking about taking risks with high ticket items when the potential loss is not worth the risk.
    peek in playroom oct 2013 plumberry pie

    Plumberry Pie Teal Painted Subfloor{The Happy Hallway}

  3. Embrace what YOU love, not what you think others would like.  Who lives in your home?  You.  Make it for you, not visitors.  If shag carpet and avocado green get you giddy, then do it.  Forget about what others think.  Your home should be your haven and feel like a big hug.
  4. Don’t just make it pretty, make it functional.  And make it functional for your everyday life, not for that once a year party.  You can always adjust for guests when they come, borrow chairs and tables, etc.  If you only entertain once a year, is it worth having accommodations for 25 when you have a family of five?
  5. Shop your home first.  Just by rearranging and borrowing from other rooms, I’ve been able to change things up in my home.  Often times we get settled in and forget about certain items.  They regain a new life and can change a room’s vibe just by moving it somewhere else.  These lamps once lived in our playroom, but completely gave new life to this table in our foyer.IMG_0598

I’m definitely no expert, but these are just some things I’ve learned along the way.  Hope they help you as you make your space your own!

Enjoy your weekend! 

- Kim


  1. Kim I am so with you on these great ideas, especially breaking the rules to better suit your family's needs. I love your creative way to hide the storage with a curtain, and how you painted your floors!! So fearless and makes your house a home with your own personality.

  2. Awesome tips. I LOVE those painted subfloors!!

  3. Love this!!!! All of these are sooo true! Especially number 3!!!!

    Love your blog!


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