Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Red Ribbon Week

Hey there.  Last year I was in charge of Red Ribbon (Drug Awareness) Week at the kids’ school.  I realize many of you have no need for this information, but when I was searching for ideas, I appreciated any info I could find.  So I thought I’d share for anyone out there searching for ideas.

Presenting….my very first bulletin board! 



Pretty straight forward just reminding kids what to wear each day.



In case you can’t read it from the glare on the display case, here is the rundown of the week.

Monday:  Kick off day

· clip_image004Wear RED to kick off the week!

On the first day, the kids signed a pledge to be drug free and the teachers gave them a red ribbon to tie to their backpacks as a reminder to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Tuesday:  I elect to be drug free. (worked out nicely with election day)

· clip_image006 Wear RED, WHITE & BLUE

Wednesday:  Put a cap on drugs!

· clip_image008Wear a hat.

Thursday:  Drugs turn you inside out.

· clip_image010Wear clothes inside out and/or backwards.

Friday:  Team Up Against Drugs!

· clip_image012Wear a favorite team shirt or school shirt.

To wrap up the week, each child received a piece of red licorice.

We really kept it simple and straight forward giving the teachers the option to work it into their lesson plan if they chose.  There really are so many things you could do with this week….poster contests, classroom door decorating contests, essay contests, special speakers or presentations.  I had this crazy idea to have a band play with the catch phrase, “I tune out drugs.”  It wasn’t a budget friendly option and didn’t really fit into the schedule with the other assemblies that were planned for the year already, but maybe it would work for you.  

This year I’m planning on doing the slogan, “We pledge to keep our hands off drugs.”  Instead of the child just writing their names on a piece of paper, they will sign it on a cut out of their hand or handprint.

I created a Red Ribbon Pinterest board with some helpful links, ideas and free printables.  Hope this info helps somebody out there.

Be back Thursday with Week One of the One Room Challenge


  1. These are great ideas. My kids are still young (kindy and 2nd grade) and so red ribbon week isn't directly about "drugs" and instead they focus on "making good choices." I love the idea of a spirit week all about the the theme though! Thanks for sharing!

  2. It is a great thing you are doing! We have a pug so I always tell my kids 'pugs not drugs.' I'm hoping if I tell them enough, even at this young age, it will be lurking in the back of their mind always even if a bit funny.


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