Sunday, September 15, 2013

Craft Room / Homework Room Paper Storage

“Mom, where’s the paper?”  Forgot to add that question to the daily question roll in my last post.  It used to be that our colored paper lived in drawers and white paper in my printer and an occasional pile in a bin in the kid zone.  When I reloaded the shelves in the playroom, I decided to make the paper more visible and put it in magazine files.  This way we can see all the colors we have readily available and the white paper has its own magazine file.  (fyi: of course I found the magazine files in Target’s dollar section.)

{plumberry pie} paper storage

{plumberry pie} magazine file paper storage

Eventually, the white paper will join the pencil sharpening station, but I haven’t found the right bin just yet.  I know what I want, but suddenly it’s vanished from Home Goods where I saw it on every.single.visit last year.  And now that I want it…no more!  Isn’t that how it always goes?

Oh, and now my middle schooler has entered the loose leaf paper phase.  Loose leaf is so flimsy, so it works best just to throw some in a binder to keep it handy and neat.

{plumberry pie} loose leaf paper storage

Just a few more projects to go in this part of the playroom and then, after two years, I can finally call this room done!


  1. It works really well! Looking forward to seeing what 2 years of effort look like.:)

    1. Ha! I have a lot of 2 year projects that should probably take a weekend. ;) I'm good like that!!

  2. I love how all your kids' craft supplies are so neatly organized! I am hoping to create an organized crafting center in my home's basement for my kids soon!

  3. Hi Kim! I just found your blog from It's Overflowing linky party. Love it and am a new follower!! Loved your home tour! I have the same problem of starting and not finishing and changing my mind halfway through. Fun find! Blessings!!


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