Friday, September 6, 2013

Just a Touch of Fall on the Mantel

The flamingo tray on my mantel was starting to look out of place now that fall has settled its way in.  So I took my flamingo friend down and did a quick switch-a-roo in my glassless frame.  I call it the revolving art piece.  Out went the “you are my sunshine” printable (from waaay back in April) and in went some feathers.  I just tucked them in the matting and boom, a touch of fall with little effort.  I threw my little nest from our Seattle trip back up there and that will be that until Halloween. 

feathers for fall mantel

Breaking the glass in this frame was such a happy accident.  I’m loving the ease of a quick change up just by popping something new in there.  You can find other looks for the “revolving art piece” in this post.

Good-bye my flamingo friend…until next year…

flamingo tray


  1. I love the idea of having an open frame to be able to change out! How clever is that? I can see fall leaves in there, or pine needles for Christmas! I love it!!!

  2. LOVE this idea so much, Kim! Pretty sure I'm going to be stealing that... :)

  3. I'm a flamingo fan but I do love the new look!

  4. The feathers are perfect in there, one of my favorite touches for fall!

  5. Kim, I love the feathers and your fall theme! I'm still holding back, in denial I suppose. We don't close our pool til the end of Sept. so I won't think about fall til then! I did buy some candy corn today though!
    xo Nancy

  6. I love the feather art! This is one of the DIY's on my fall to do list too! Great job!!


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