Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Getting Organized in the Playroom / Craft Room / Homework Room

Painting the rest of the floors this weekend was not an option, but I did finally start to tackle the functionality of the playroom.  Actually, I’m not sure what you call this room.  It wears many hats.  It’s a place of game playing, puzzle making, crafting, gift wrapping and homework.

So the question I get asked almost on a daily basis during the school year is “Mom, where’s a pencil?”  Um, guys, I made a drawer for them and oh, yeah, there’s that jar full of them over here and over there.  And the next thing is “I can’t find a sharpened one.”  Okay, we also have a pencil sharpener or two.  Somehow these jars and sharpeners end up getting moved around by pencil fairies playing tricks on us I guess. 

Well, problem solved (I hope).  Presenting the pencil sharpening station.  I figure if things are attached to the wall, then they can’t get moved around, right?  I even made a sign with an arrow in case they get lost. 

plumberry pie pencil station

I used the wire bins I found in Target’s dollar section last year and hung them by 3M hooks just in case my system needs to be tweaked.  I threw up an extra bin for chalk and a basket to throw paper scraps in because lots of paper scraps happen in this room.

pencil corner

While I was organizing, I gathered up some of the frames I’m going to use for the kids’ gallery art wall above the chalkboard.  I set this one down on the shelves and it looked too cute right where it was, so I went with it and added a fun quote.  Not sure if it’s staying here, but fun for now.

plumberry pie work hard play nice

I’m just happy to have at least one space that resembles organization in my home. 


  1. Great idea! I love the idea of using a chalkboard wall with your command center!

  2. LOVE!!! Gotta go find some of those wire baskets!!!! Im totally doing this to my wall, what a great little station for the kiddo's:) Thanks a bunch Kim:)

  3. Hi,

    I found your blog from one of your comments on washi tape from Target. I was wondering if by chance, you still have the receipt or package with the UPC # on it? I'm on a desperate mission to locate them. Thank you for any help!


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